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xocbox image editing tools

Everyone agrees that when it comes to having an online store, images are not optional, they are essential.

Before making a purchase, customers want to see alternate views of the item they are considering.

While this is a great convenience for your customers, it can sometimes be a headache for you!

xocbox simplifies adding images to your store

cropping images with xocbox tools

Ensuring that images for all products offered in your store have the same size, look and feel is not easy. You may also have products with multiple colors and views, and very soon this is a time-consuming project for you or your co-workers.

xocbox tools can make adding images and swatches a simple task, and by integrating with the latest technology from Dropbox, your image editing process can even be managed remotely, or outsourced.

By using xocbox image editing tools in the xocbox application, you can crop, edit, and create swatches without having to leave the application, then push them right into your store.

create swatches while you edit your images

creating a swatch with xocbox tools

creating perfectly sized, professional swatches is an easy job with the xocbox swatch tool

xocbox image tools will help you

  • Add and edit images to publish to your store
  • Resize or rotate and adjust images
  • Create professional color swatches
  • Create views for each color that can change at the click of a swatch
  • Create multiple product views
  • Reduce the need for costly photo editing application licenses
  • Allow bulk uploading of images to your store
  • Provide consistency across your store by pre-selecting image sizes
  • Share images across multiple stores
  • Allow several people to work on images at one time
  • Have fun editing your images!

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