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Using Amazon ECS to Containerize Your Enterprise Applications

For businesses looking to move their on premise data centers to AWS cloud and container architecture, xocbox helps integrate existing technology and infrastructure, and ensures compatibility with legacy technologies.

Amazon ECS is a fully managed platform offering a highly scalable, high performance container orchestration service that allows you to run and scale containerized applications on AWS.

If vendor lock-in may be an issue, an app that has been containerized can still be moved if you need to migrate to a different platform or support a multi-cloud strategy at a later date.

Easy To Scale

Amazon ECS (Elastic Container Service) is highly scalable, allowing you to launch any number of containers in seconds with no additional complexity.

Schedule multiple containers on the same node, while maintaining the state of containers, and ensuring that the minimum set of containers are always running based on your requirements.

Amazon ECS can prove to be a highly economical way of building containers, and provides more consistency across services.




More Security

A high level of security is offered when using Amazon ECS as resources and tasks are isolated from each other, helping you to build more secure applications.

With Amazon ECS you are assigned your own compute resources, and you can also assign granular access permissions for each of your containers.  Each of your containers is launched in your own Amazon VPC, where you can use your own VPC security groups and network ACLs. 

Each task can have a separate Identity and Access Management role allowing you to limit access to each service and the resources a container can access.

Amazon EKS

Managing Kubernetes clusters just got easier with Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes.  Amazon EKS is a fully managed service that makes it easy to use Kubernetes on AWS.

It makes no difference whether your applications are running in on-premises data centers or public clouds, Amazon EKS are compatible with applications running on any standard Kubernetes. 

To protect against a single point of failure, Amazon EKS is based on a multi-AZ architecture whereby it runs with three masters across three AZs, and avoids the loss of an AWS availability zone.

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