xocbox products developed with your business growth in mind

Offering enterprise level business solutions to the retail industry.  Scalable and flexible, xocbox products can integrate with your existing systems, and standardize processes enabling you to quickly deliver products and services to your customers. Our goal is to make your business efficient and agile, so you can respond to whatever the market sends your way.



xocbox management tools make setting up and listing complex products a simple process.  Offer products in many colors, and sizes, giving your customers more choice.  Manage variable pricing, automate processes and eliminate time-consuming data entry tasks. Sell your products on a single website or across multi-stores.

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EDI & Product Integrations


xocbox cloud-based systems offer inventory management solutions for your online and offline stores.  EDI allows the electronic flow of information between business partners. Replace paper documents such as purchase orders, invoices, shipping notifications, and integrate your receiving and payment processes with your suppliers.

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Enterprise Architecture Solutions


For businesses looking to move their on premise data centers to AWS cloud and container architecture, xocbox offers consultancy services and provides tools and extensions for developers using scalable technologies. Take advantage of Amazon’s powerful high availability ESB environments, and manage applications and autoscaling.

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Electronically Link All Business Transactions with EDI

If you have suppliers you would like to work with but need to be EDI compliant, we are here to help.

xocbox provides you with an affordable, fully integrated EDI system, eliminating data entry and enabling you to transmit documents directly to your suppliers and customers.

No more re-keying or double entering orders, a reduction in in the number of errors caused by mistakes taking phone and fax orders and more visibility of shipments are just some of the benefits you will experience when using EDI.

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Some of Our Integrations

Delta Apparel
Drew Shoes
Franklin Sports
Fruit of the Loom
Hooker Furniture
Ingram Content Group
Lexington Furniture
New Balance
Propet USA
Pulaski Furniture


Amazon (AWS)

Be the first to reach your customers with our Pre-Order Module

For products and services, ideal for booksellers and publishers, video game sellers and fashion forward stores.  Use in your Woocommerce store, set the product arrival date and allow your customers to buy products.  Also allows non-pre-order items to be purchased at the same time.  A great way to attract buyers, sell pre-orders and collect payment on regularly available items in your store.  Works with coupons too!

AWS Cloud Services, Container Management and Microservices

Whether your organization is looking to autoscale applications and automatically adjust capacity to maintain performance, or planning to migrate from an on premise to a cloud and container architecture, xocbox provides consultancy and design services to help you navigate the available options.

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