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EDI Documents & Transactions

Complying with Trading Partner Requirements

EDI Transactions

Trading partners that require you to be EDI-compliant will identify the transaction documents they require, and any rules that you need to follow.

There are many different transaction sets and not all trading partners request the same documents.

xocbox guides you through the EDI process, and provides you with the transaction documents needed to start trading electronically with a new trading partner.

We will enable you to send or receive any of the transaction documents defined by the ANSI or EDI standard.

Below is a list of some of the more common transactions that are supported.



Common Transaction Documents

  • 810 Invoice

  • 850 Purchase Order

  • 832 Product Catalog

  • 856 Advanced Shipping Notice

  • 846 Inventory Inquiry

  • 852 Product Activity Data

  • 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment

  • 860 Purchase Order Change

  • 870 Order Status

  • 997 Acknowledgement

  • GS1-128 bar code shipping labels

  • Support bar code scanned customer information, such as ASN

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