Web Designers

Tools for Web Designers

xocbox offers web designers a number of useful tools to assist building out ecommerce stores.  Whether it’s product on-boarding, or integrating with your client’s existing applications, xocbox can help. 

Need help with AWS?  xocbox offers consultancy services for AWS set up and can help you with the selection of AWS cloud services that will work for your client’s business requirements and budget.



An Easy Way to Add Product Variables

xocbox tools include easy to use product worksheets that enable you to list complex products right from the application.

Add any number of size and color variations, and push product data, and media right to your store design.

Save and reuse size templates to streamline adding products from the same supplier.

The xocbox cloud-based system allows several people to work on a single project at any one time, making sure you always meet delivery deadlines.


More about Listing Tools

Do you need a pre-order module for “coming soon” products?  xocbox provides an integrated pre-order module that allows customers to buy both available and pre-order products in the same shopping cart.  Also handles all the messaging and payment processes.

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Thinking of using Amazon Web Services for your business but not sure which services will work for you? Will your website need resources that dynamically shrink and grow to suit spikes in traffic at busy periods? Let xocbox help you with the vast selection of AWS infrastructure solutions and hosting.

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xocbox products integrate with major platforms and products such as Box.com, Dropbox, Mailchimp and Quickbooks, and if your client is looking for an EDI solution and inventory management, talk to us.

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