Retail Management System

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xocbox products are designed with your business growth in mind using enterprise level architecture and the latest technology. 

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Retail Management System


The xocbox management system is an easy to use cloud-based application that integrates with your ecommerce platform.  A simple way to manage and edit product data, and edit product images.  If you need to add products with multiple colors and sizes, images and swatches, xocbox can drastically reduce your data entry time.  xocbox products integrate with your existing systems, standardize processes and enable you to quickly deliver products and services.


Retail System Features

Back Office


xocbox Back-Office keeps all your operations connected, and is a perfect addition to your xocbox Management System.  Our enterprise-class tools offer you the ability to manage your online catalog, track inventory through multi channels, and keep online stock levels accurate.  Automate purchase orders, connect digitally with your suppliers and offer drop ship or operate via EDI in compliance with nationally recognized standards. 


Back Office Features

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