xocbox Retail Management System and Back Office Features

Retail Management System Features

The xocbox management system is an easy to use cloud-based application that integrates with your ecommerce platform.

A simple way to manage and edit product data, and edit product images.

If you need to add products with multiple colors and sizes, images and swatches, xocbox can drastically reduce your data entry time.

xocbox retail management system features:

  • Catalog management

  • SKUs for tracking of products

  • Basis for inventory management

  • Ability to create, edit or delete products

  • Reduction or elimination of costly data entry, saving time and reducing errors

  • Ability to select product data from customizable dropdown menus

  • Quickly adding seasonal updates

  • Making colors and sizes quickly available or unavailable

  • Automating imports of new products from vendor catalogs

  • Receiving catalog updates

xocbox retail management features:

  • Creating reusable size templates for specific brands and products

  • Adding and editing images to publish to store

  • Creating professional color swatches

  • Creating views for each color that change at the click of a swatch in your store

  • Creating multiple product views

  • Reduction of the need for costly photo editing application licenses

  • Ability to bulk upload images and product data to your store

  • Providing consistency across your store by pre-selecting image sizes

  • Sharing product data across multiple stores

  • Enterprise level architecture, allowing your business to grow

xocbox Back Office Features

xocbox Back-Office offers additional features to keep all your operations connected, and is a perfect addition to your xocbox Management System.

Our enterprise-class tools offer you the ability to manage your online catalog, track inventory through multi channels, and keep online stock levels accurate.

As your business grows, automating purchase orders, connecting digitally with your suppliers and offering drop ship are just some of the things you may be considering.

xocbox EDI can also allow you to carry out business operations with big box retailers who require that you are in compliance with nationally recognized standards in order to supply to them.

xocbox back office features allow you to:

  • Automate purchase orders

  • Automate order management

  • Improve inventory accuracy

  • Reduce out-of-stock items

  • Improve customer service

xocbox back office features:

  • Automate stock replenishment

  • Reduce or eliminate manual data entry

  • Work with drop ship vendors

  • Efficiently manage returns

  • Work with major stores using EDI solutions

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