Automating your business processes saves time and money

xocbox EDI connects suppliers and retailers - getting products to market faster

Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, allows the electronic flow of information between business partners.

By using EDI you can replace paper documents such as purchase orders, invoices, shipping notifications, and integrate your receiving and payment processes with your suppliers.  

xocbox provides retailers and suppliers with a low cost, fast, integrated EDI system without you having to do the work!

Why Choose EDI?

EDI has been in existence for many years, and some larger organizations will now only conduct business through EDI transactions. If your organization is unable to conduct business through EDI, you may be losing valuable business opportunities.

Whether you are a supplier trying to improve efficiency and eliminate hand entering data, or a retailer looking to expand your inventory through new partnerships, EDI can help you.

How can EDI help you?

Even with the use of computers, your retail business may still have the need to enter data manually to carry out its business processes. This can be time consuming and may lead to errors.

xocbox provides you with an affordable, fully integrated EDI system, eliminating data entry and enabling you to transmit documents directly to your suppliers and customers.

Is EDI Helpful in My Business?

Most businesses are looking to save time and money and eliminate repetitive work and EDI can help you do all of these things.  If you have employees entering order and tracking data and re-keying information, and are looking for more visibility throughout your transactions, then EDI can help you.

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