Why Do Retailers Need EDI?

Easily Work with More Suppliers and Sell More Products

More and more suppliers are requesting that retailers carry out their transactions via EDI, and becoming EDI compliant can sometimes seem a daunting task. 

xocbox works with retailers  and suppliers to make the transition a smooth and easy process.

xocbox provides you with an affordable, fully integrated EDI system, eliminating data entry and enabling you to transmit documents directly to your suppliers and customers.

Whether your business is small, large or mid-sized, xocbox can guide you through the EDI process.

Don’t let EDI be a barrier to selling more products and expanding your customer base.  Call xocbox at 858-752-3803 to learn how we can help.


Some of the advantages of EDI

  • Reduction in the number of errors caused by mistakes taking phone and fax orders

  • More accurate transaction handling and processing

  • Business transactions can be carried out more quickly

  • Reduction in administrative costs

  • Employees have more time available to work on higher level tasks

  • Reduction in paper, printing and storage costs

  • Increased warehouse efficiency

  • More efficient drop ship method

  • More visibility of shipments