xocbox for Woocommerce Stores


Seamless integration with Your Woocommerce Store

Onboarding Products

 Adding products to your Woocommerce store can take time, especially if you have complex products with many sizes, widths and colors, such as shoes and apparel.

By using xocbox systems with Woocommerce, you can speed up or even eliminate some of the time-consuming data entry that is needed to get your products online.

xocbox integrates directly with Woocommerce’s interface, enabling you to list multiple products quickly and easily using templates and worksheets through its cloud-based management system.

Adding Images & Swatches

 Help your customers make better purchasing decisions by showing them products with multiple views, colors, and swatches.

Let xocbox help you by making image editing and swatch creation easier than you thought possible.

Images can be added using xocbox, and you can edit, crop, and make swatches right from the xocbox screen.

No need to use Photoshop, so you can eliminate purchasing multiple licenses for your editing team.


xocbox features include:

  • Catalog management

  • SKUs for tracking of products

  • Basis for inventory management

  • Ability to create, edit or delete products

  • Reduction or elimination of costly data entry, saving time and reducing errors

  • Ability to select product data from customizable dropdown menus

  • Quickly adding seasonal updates

  • Making colors and sizes quickly available or unavailable

  • Automating imports of new products from vendor catalogs

  • Receiving catalog updates

  • Creating reusable size templates for specific brands and products

  • Adding and editing images to publish to store

  • Creating professional color swatches

  • Creating views for each color that change at the click of a swatch in your store

  • Creating multiple product views

  • Reduction of the need for costly photo editing application licenses

  • Ability to bulk upload images and product data to your store

  • Providing consistency across your store by pre-selecting image sizes

  • Sharing product data across multiple stores

  • Enterprise level architecture, allowing your business to grow

  • Use with EDI and drop ship


Your Woocommerce store works seamlessly with WordPress and, of course, so does xocbox.

Add shortcodes to your WordPress pages and create a specific category page for your Woo store by toggling categories on and off in xocbox.

Are you being asked to place orders via EDI? Would you like to automate purchase orders with your suppliers, manage drop ship and inventory?

Let xocbox help integrate your operations with our EDI products and services.

Contact xocbox to learn how we can help you streamline your Woocommerce store business processes.

xocbox offers a fully integrated pre-order module for your Woocommerce store. This allows you to sell products before they are available for sale, and works well for books, electronics and apparel.

No need to remove products from the shopping cart that are not pre-order items. 

Works for all types of products and ebooks, and works with coupons too.