Fully Automated Store

Fully Automate Your Store

with the xocbox no touch store

With the amazing speed of delivery and array of products offered by Amazon, Walmart, and Wayfair, leading retailers have definitely raised the bar on customer expectations in the online shopping world.

At the request of our customers, xocbox has developed a product that allows retailers to automate practically everything in their store which is why we call it the “no touch store”.


How Does The No Touch Store Work?


Orders that come in to an online store pass through to the supplier to be fulfilled via drop ship EDI, and shipping details and tracking notifications are then sent to the customers.



We have set up the process to check inventory, and automatically update complex products which vary not only by size and color, but also have option level pricing.

Payment & Security

The xocbox system also includes fraud checks, and customer risk assessment and if an order passes all checks, it can be sent directly to the supplier.

Alternatively, a store owner can review an order, and approve it via a checkbox in the xocbox backend system before passing it on to the supplier for fulfillment. This does add a minimal manual step to the automated process, but is preferred by some store owners.

For more information about automating your ecommerce store contact xocbox at 858-752-3803.